There is always a need at Shepherd's House. Meeting the needs of the women and children is challenging at times, but with the help of the Shepherd's House community, it can be done! We are always in need of items used in the house, but we also need monetary donations to keep our doors open. Shepherd's House is a 501c3, nonprofit organization, which means that every dime given goes towards meeting the needs of the residents. 

If you are willing to partner with Shepherd's House, simply click on 'Support Us' at the top of the page. Scroll down to the bottom, and you will see how to give. Please know that each donation we receive is very much appreciated. 

Another wonderful way to help is by volunteering your time.

There's always a project going on that we need help

with. There's always an opportunity to lead a Bible

study. There's always yardwork, organizing, and many

other opportunities to serve at Shepherd's House.

If you or your group is willing to help, just give us a

call at 931-393-4818.



The women at Shepherd's House are required to obtain employment within a month of entering our program. They have regular chores they're required to perform, and they cook as well. They must follow the house rules and be working on having positive relationships with the others in the house. They must participate

in weekly studies, and the women with children must

participate in parenting classes. In other words, we require the

residents to do their part. We continually promote a good

work ethic, and we try to instill responsibility and accountability. 

When you donate to Shepherd's House, you are helping us to make sure that the women will never suffer from homelessness again. That is our goal. We wish to change the lives of our residents in such a way that they're able to take care of themselves and their children without further assistance. 

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